Effortlessly Enhance Your Natural Beauty
in Clovis,CA

Transform your eyebrows with KTLN Studio’s microblading services, creating a natural and striking look that enhances your individuality.

ALSO OFFERING, teeth whitening, classic lashes, lash lifts and much more!

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Experience the artistry of Microblading for impeccably natural, permanent makeup that enhances your beauty effortlessly

Classic Lash Extensions

Elevate your gaze with Classic Lash Extensions, meticulously applied by a skilled artist for timeless elegance and professionalism.

Teeth Whitening

Experience professional Teeth Whitening with our knowledgeable stylist for pain-free, stunning results and a confident smile.

Our Team

Once upon a time in a cozy little studio, a group of passionate estheticians joined forces to create the most stunning and natural-looking eyebrows the world had ever seen, making every client feel like a true work of art.


With a passion for enhancing natural beauty, Katelyn expertly leads KTLN Studio, utilizing her artistic eye and years of experience to create stunning microbladed eyebrows that empower individuals to feel confident and unique in their skin.


I love learning and continue to explore new horizons. Leading me into the exciting world of technology & marketing. With a firm grip of all things technological, my goal is to optimize your booking experience! I’m here to navigate this journey with KTLN Studio.



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